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Playground at old town park


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my water bill going to cost?

The amount on your monthly water bill will vary depending on your family size and water usage. The amount of water you use in a month changes depending on how many showers are taken, how much laundry is done, if the yard is being watered, and so on.


You will also notice a change in your bill if you have company for a long week-end, or your family visits for a period of time.  This change is due to more showers, laundry, and general water usage.

What are we charged for on the Remington utility bill?

The charges that appear on the monthly Remington utility bill are for water, sewage, and trash removal.

What is the cost for a water meter?

The cost for the deposit for a home owner for a residential water meter is $100. The deposit cost is $120 for a business.

The deposit is refunded if a resident pays their water bill on time for 24 consecutive months.

What is the policy about dogs running at large in town?

All dogs owned or maintained by persons living in the municipality or adjacent there to shall be confined at all times by their owners and shall not be allowed to run at large unless the owner accompanies the dog on a leash which is held by the owner. (Ordinance 21677, passed 2-16-77). Residents or town officials may call the county Animal Control office to report stray dogs.

Where can I recycle?

On Saturday's from 9am - 11pm you can bring cardboard, milk jugs, glass, etc. to the red recycling trailer located north west off of Maine street.


  • Park shelter rental agreement
    To find out what dates and times are available, call us first.
  • Depot rental agreement
    Call us for availability.
  • Building permit
  • Tri-County Youth Soccer
    Download registration form. For more information, contact:
  • Job application
  • Title VI Implementation Plan - October 2023
    Title VI Implementation Plan
  • Miscellaneous
    Comprehensive town plan Downtown revitalization plan ADA transition plan grievance procedure
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